Santa Cruz Soccer Camp's Leadership Developement Program

Our Leadership Developement Program was created to build leadership skills and teach coaching techniques for campers age 13-15.

Most of our staff has grown up in our program, with over 75% having attended camp and done our program!

Our program is split into two weeks. The first week is about being with a group and observing and taking careful notes about what the coaches do with their group. While they do that they spend time planning out practices and games for when they coach a group.

In their second week, they build on their observations and work closely with one group as a coach in training. In that time they'll coach the group (with the coaches being their assistant coaches!) and reflect and improve on their coaching experience.

The skills we expect our campers to build are

After these campers have experienced two weeks of leadership they can go on to volounteer. Once they are 16, they can go on to be paid assistant coaches, then co-coaches, head coach, and possibly even be a director!

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