Soccer related activities in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz City Youth Soccer Club represents families located in Santa Cruz, Happy Valley, Bonny Doon, and Davenport. They have both recreational and competitive leagues for kids ages 4-19.

Mid-County Youth Soccer Club hosts both recreational and competitive (Division 3) teams for families living in Mid-County.

Aptos Soccer Club hosts both recreational and competitive teams for families living in the Aptos area for kids ages 4 and up.

Scott's Valley/ San Lorenzo Valley Soccer Club provides teams for families in Scott’s Valley and San Lorenzo Valley.

Santa Cruz County Youth Soccer League is affiliated with the United States Youth Soccer Association. They organize the regional leagues in addition to the SCC Breakers and competitive spring soccer.

Santa Cruz Kids is a website that has supported Santa Cruz Soccer, Inc. for over a decade now. They provide a comprehsive list of camps that are run throughout the year. As well as other information and resources for families

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