Ultimate Frisbee at Santa Cruz Soccer Camp

We are excited to offer an Ultimate Frisbee camp in 2019! (We hope to offer this again in the future)

Ultimate Frisbee(also called Ultimate) is a great parallel sport to soccer, as it has many of the same aspects of the sport we love—passing, teamwork, defense, and learning to move around the field.

Camp will run the weeks of July 7-10th and July 13-17th, Monday-Fridayfrom 10am-12pm. Each camp costs $160 per week.

Why Ultimate?

Ultimate has a culture of positivity which we love to have at soccer camp. Every game ends with a “spirit circle” with team members acknowledging players on the other team for their good work in the game. It also has a fast pace style of play that complements soccer skills kids already have. We’re excited to combine Ultimate Frisbee as part of our program at Santa Cruz Soccer Camp.

Learn a little more about Ultimate in the New York Times about Ultimate Frisbee.

Who's Coaching?

Among our staff of talented soccer coaches are also current and former high school and collegiate Ultimate Frisbee players who are looking forward to introducing the sport to young people in Santa Cruz! The camp will be headed by Mara Baylis who is a first year at UCSC and has played on the club team there and has played here in Santa Cruz for years.

I’ve never played Ultimate before, can I join?

Yes! Ultimate is a quickly growing sport, and though we know some people have played it before, we want to spread our passion for the sport to more and more young people. We structure all of our activities and drills to teach and strengthen the fundamentals of the game.

We will be starting from the basics of the sport and throwing a disc/frisbee and then get into the same style of play that we do with our soccer camp that we’ve been doing for decades—Building a fun experience through a variety of drills and games to improve play at all levels.

We want to do Ultimate Frisbee Camp, can we enroll in all day soccer camp at the same time?

Yes, space is limited to the first 16 registrations, please sign them up for the Ultimate Frisbee Camp, and write in the comment field on registration that they will be at soccer camp that week. We will send an invoice for the balance to complete the week (the total will be the cost of a week of normal soccer camp plus $30 to cover the equipment and staffing)

Register for Ultimate Frisbee Camp

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